Fashion business mentoring


I have an amazing international career in the fashion industry and I have learnt so much during my years working with large corporations to small startups and running my own creative business. I have worked intimately with lots of small creative business, supporting, helping and advising them. I have learnt a lot of good and more importantly made mistakes! Through my own mistakes and gains I have built an amazing set of skills that I now use when I work with startup fashion brands and creative entrepenures.

To be able to give more to others who want to grow their startup success story I am offering mentoring on a 1 to 1 basis or in my group program.

If you are looking for a mentor who has been there and has gained the skills to help you grow your fashion company beyond success and avoid costly mistakes, you are in the right place.

Let me share my 18 year industry knowledge from the fashion industry, my deep knowledge of the design to production process, marketing and sales skills grown strong by taking courses from mentors like Stu McLaren, Amy Porterfield, Jeff Walker and Christian Mickelsen.

If you’d like to have a FREE session with me to see if I’m the right fit for your business and even more importantly can help you reach your success story, then send an email to

Ruth, Fashion designer & Surface pattern designer -
Ruth Nijsten

"Annette is a great mentor. She helped me after having worked as an
In-house designer for fashion companies, wanted to freelance but struggled how to get started and stay focused.

Annette helps me to stay accountable, focused and gives amazing support. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry is incredibly helpful for beginners as well as for people like me with years of design experience."

Elisabeta, Surface pattern designer -

"Annette is an excellent, patient and helpful mentor.
I can fully profit from her deep profound knowledge within the fashion and textile industries which is of great help.

She supported building my textile design portfolio and came up with different tools, great ideas and helpful advises: it is what I need on the way to achieve my goals in bringing my print design business forward.

I particularly appreciate her flexibility around my time schedule, the structure she leads me to work with and her encouragement to hang in there and focusing - thank you so much Annette!"

Lucia, Childrenswear designer & Surface pattern designer -

"How on earth didn't I try this before? It would have saved me so much time and energy. You know all that focusing thing I always kind of preach about? All that more-ideas-than-time-struggle I always talk about? Well I'm getting help and guidance with all that and it's been so liberating!

My very dear and talented friend, fellow fashion and pattern designer Annette Lennerup started offering business mentoring sessions. Not only has she lots of experience in the creative industry. Her enthusiastic and encouraging way of working is beyond helpful."

Nicolle Masucci, Surface pattern designer -

Chartreuse Bat Studios

"For months, I grappled with the challenge of launching my surface pattern design business. As any creative individual can attest, contending with the relentless perfectionist tendencies that reside within our minds can be quite a struggle. However, Annette emerged as a guiding light, aiding me in confronting and conquering this internal obstacle while steadfastly keeping my aspirations on track.

Annette's remarkable ability to attentively listen and comprehensively grasp my needs was pivotal in propelling me toward the right course. As a result of our collaboration, I have now cultivated a newfound sense of confidence and a profound understanding of the steps required to continuously forge ahead and present my work to the world.

Without a doubt, had I not crossed paths with Annette, I could very well still be ensconced in uncertainty, pondering my next move from a distant corner.